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The precious Easter Eggs created for the Russian Imperial Family by the famous Russian jeweler Karl Faberge take the particular place among other items of his collection. Splendid surprises: picturesque miniatures, tiny models of palaces, monuments, yachts and trains, birds, figures, bunches of flowers - are the real masterpieces of jewelry art of the end 19th - beginning 20th centuries. This WWW-tour was developed on the base of CD-ROM "Faberge Easter Eggs" developed by Cominfo CD-ROM publisher. There is information about 10 Faberge Easter Eggs from the Moscow Kremlin collection on this WWW-tour. CD-ROM offers you 36 Easter Eggs more found themselves after the Great October Revolution in the different foreign collections. Disc contains about 1 hour of videoclips and Quiz.

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State Museums of the Moscow Kremlin.
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