Great Kremlin Palace

Большой Кремлевский дворецSt.George HallThe Great Kremlin Palace was formerly the tsar's Moscow residence. The palace,which has more than 700 rooms, was built for Tsar Nicholas I between 1838and 1849 by Konstantin A.Thon andNikolay A. Chichagov and associates. It comprises the Palace of Facetsand the Holy Vestibule, parts of a 15th-century Palace, the Tsarina's GoldenChamber from the 16th century, the 17th-century TeremPalace, along with palace cathedrals and churches. At first sight,the building seems to have two storeys above the ground floor, but in factthere is only one upper storey with a double row of windows. Situated inthe new palace, is the enfilades of halls dedicated to the Russian ordersSt.George,St.Vladimir, St.Andrew, St.Alexander andSt.Catherine, aswell as the imperial family's private apartments and a suite of state apartments.

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