Ruby Star

Borovitskaya Tower

Borovitskaya TowerThe Borovitsky Gate - Tower, at the west end of the Kremlin walls, was erected in 1490 during the rebuilding of the Kremlin. The tent-roofed superstructure was added in the 1670s. Like many of the towers, this tower is topped by a five-pointed ruby star, 10 ft high and weighing 1.5 tons, which is illuminated at night. The total height of the Pinewood Tower is 54.05 m (177 ft). Thet ower occupies the position of the oldest entrance to the Kremlin. Its name is derived from the word "bor" (forest) - suggesting that the original settlement on the site of Moscow was established in this wooded area (now represented only by some trees), on the Neglinnaya River near the Moskva River.

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