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Alexander Palace EggAlexander Palace EggMade in St. Petersburg.
Workmaster: Henrik Wigstrom.
Marks: Faberge, H.W., Y.L. (initials of inspector Yakova Lyapunova of St.Petersburg Standard Board), 72, kokoshnik.
Materials: Gold, silver, diamonds, rosettes, rubies, nephrite, rock crystal, ivory.
Dimensions: Height 43/8" (11 cm).
Techniques: Casting, minting, engraving, miniature painting, stone cutting.
Kept in the State Museums of the Moscow Kremlin,
The nephrite egg is adorned with five miniature portraits of the children of emperor Nicholas II and contains a replica of Alexander Palace at Tzarskoye Selo.Moscow Kremlin Egg The upper and lower sections of the egg are set with triangular diamonds bearing the initial A.F. (Alexandra Feodorovna) and golden leaves and flowers composed of rubies and diamonds. The remainder of the egg's surface is divided by five vertical lines, studded with diamonds and connected with one another by gold garlands inlaid with rose and ruby flowers. In the spaces between the vertical lines are five miniature oval portraits of emperor Nicholas II's children, executed in watercolor on a diamond monogram - the first initial of the child represented. Two gold branches tied into a bow rest beneath each child's portrait. Inside the egg, on the reverse side of each portrait, is engraved the birth date of the person represented, framed by two branches tied into a bow: "Olga" - November 3, 1895; "Tatiana" - May 29, 1897; "Maria" - June 14, 1899; "Anastasia" - June 5, 1901; "Alexei" - July 30, 1904. The replica of Alexander Palace and its adjoining gardens are concealed within the egg. Executed in tinted gold and enamel, the model is secured on a round pedestal with five high narrow legs, connected at the bottom. The inscription "The Palace at Tzarskoye Selo", enclosed in a laurel wreath, is engraved on the base.
Presented by emperor Nicholas II to his wife, empress Alexandra Feodorovna, Easter 1908.

State Museums of the Moscow Kremlin.
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