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Memory of Azov EggMemory of Azov EggMade in St. Petersburg.
Michael Perkhin and Yuri Nicolai.
Marks: Faberge, M.P. 72, crossed anchors and scepter.
Materials: Gold, platinum, diamond, rubies,
heliotrope, aquamarine, velvet.
Dimensions: Length 35/8" (9.3 cm).
Techniques: Casting, engraving, carving.
Kept in the State Museums of the Moscow Kremlin,
The egg is made from heliotrope with a superimposed gold
pattern of rococo scrolls decorated with diamonds.The clasp consists of a ruby and two diamonds. The interior of the egg is lined with green velvet. The egg contains an exact replica of the cruiser Memory of Azov (Pamiat Azova), executed in gold and platinum, and with windows set with small diamonds. The name "Azov" appears on the stern of the ship, which rests on an aquamarine plate representing water. The plate has a golden frame with a loop enabling the model to be removed from the egg.
Presented by emperor
Alexander III to his wife, empress Marie Feodorovna, Easter 1891.

State Museums of the Moscow Kremlin.
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