The Moscow Kremlin Egg, 1904-1906

Moscow Kremlin Egg Moscow Kremlin Egg

Made in St. Petersburg.

Workmaster: Unknown.

Marks: Faberge.

Materials: Onyx, quatre-couleur gold, white and green enamel.

Dimensions: Height 14.27" (36.1 cm).

Techniques: Musical automaton.

Kept in the State Museums of the Moscow Kremlin,

A stylish model of the Moscow Kremlin on a pedestal of white onyx. Moscow Kremlin Egg In the center of the model is the Annunciation Cathedral in a form of an egg of white transparent enamel. The dome of the Cathedral is made of polished gold. Through one of the windows of the Cathedral can be seen the painting which shows the inside decorations. The model is a kind of music box which is wound with a golden key.

Presented by emperor Nicholas II to his wife, empress Alexandra Feodorovna, Easter 1906.

State Museums of the Moscow Kremlin.
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